Digital Lottery is online based lottery draw plugin. You can create lottery with ticket number and draw lottery automatically or monthly after a specific time. it’s an extension for woocommerce.


after installing ‘digital lottery’ plugin, add a lottery in ‘Add new product’. here you’ll notice product data. Simple product, group product, Digital Lottery are available in select dropdown. here select ‘Digital Lottery’. now many fields for lottery will be disclosed for you.

  1. Start date: select the date, when the lottery will be started.
  2. End Date: Select the date, when the lottery will be finished. in these days lottery will be finished and draw the lottery automatically.
  3. Min tickets: Minimum number of tickets will be purchased
  4. Max tickets: How many tickets you will sell in each lottery.
  5. Max ticket per user: Maximum number of tickets per user will be allowed to purchase
  6. Number of winners: How many participants will be declared winners in each lottery.
  7. Multiple prize per user: How many prizes a participant can win in each lottery
  8. price: the price for each ticket.
  9. Annual winner picking: when ending date will be expired, the lottery will draw automatically. you can draw lottery monthly. for drawing annually, check these fields. When lottery ending date will be reached, you’ll see some fields for annual draw based on how many participants will be declared winners in each lottery.
  10. Assign ticket number: ticket will be assigned to participants after completing purchase. you can allow participants to choose ticket number. to enable these options, check these fields.
  11. use alphabet: ticket will be numeric number. you can add alphabet before numeric number.
  12. Force user to answer a question: you can add question for participants and force theme to reply to question before purchasing tickets.


You can allow participants to purchase tickets creating packages. You can offer free tickets based on purchased tickets. If you select automatic from ‘Assign ticket number’, Lottery Package will be opened for you.


There are several shortcode which perform different jobs. the shortcode list are bellow:

  1. lotteries
  2. featured_lotteries
  3. recent_lotteries
  4. ending_soon_lotteries
  5. future_lotteries
  6. finished_lotteries
  7. my_lotteries
  8. lotteries_winners
  9. lottery_registration
  10. lottery_countdown_timer

  • “lotteries”,”finished_lotteries” accept parameter:
    1. ‘limit’
    2. ‘columns’
    3. ‘rows’
    4. ‘orderby’
    5. ‘order’
    6. ‘ids’
    7. ‘skus’
    8. ‘category’
    9. ‘cat_operator’
    10. ‘attribute’
    11. ‘terms’
    12. ‘terms_operator’
    13. ‘tag’
    14. ‘tag_operator’
    15. ‘visibility’
    16. ‘class’
    17. ‘page’
    18. ‘paginate’
    19. ‘cache’
    20. ‘lottery_status’
    21. ‘future’
    22. ‘meta_key’
  • “featured_lotteries”,”recent_lotteries”,”ending_soon_lotteries”,”future_lotteries” and “finished_lotteries” accept parameter:
    1. ‘limit’
    2. ‘columns’
    3. ‘orderby’
    4. ‘order’
    5. ‘category’
  • “lottery_countdown_timer” Accept parameter:
    1. product_id


you can design registration page and countdown timer using elementor

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